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We’ll come to you. Straight from Thunder Bay to the Straits of Juan de Fuca.


Wheels, Tanks, Steps, Grills, Fenders, Toolboxes & more.

Stainless Steel

Breathers, Muffler Guards, Sunvisors & more.

Chrome Polishing

Car & Motorcycle Parts Polishing

Paint Polishing

You leave us with a shiny, polished
vehicle.  Now, how do we keep it looking this way?

  • Best $10.00 spent on polishing: sun visor & horn
  • Best $75.00 spent on polishing: intake tubes – never fail to impress when you
    open the hood. Slippery view on chicken hauler mud flaps: Mud flaps on the back of your
    steps cause a lot of damage to your tanks, our price list reflects this with a $20.00
    surcharge per tank –
  • Worst crime you can commit against your polish job: not wiping it down after
    Yellowing of freshly polished aluminum. When we are polishing your truck and
    switch from sandpaper to rouge, this is just another step in the abrasive process. We do
    not use any chemicals so if your aluminum is turning colour it is from something that has
    gotten onto the aluminum afterwards. Calcium is usually the bad guy here and can be found
    in mud in the spring long after it has been gone off the highways. We are told by some of
    our customers that the hot wax at the truck wash will help to protect against this The best
    thing you can do for your polish job is a hand polish once a month, which doesn’t
    take long if it is done regularly.
  • Chrome Polishing – We can polish your chrome, but it basically peels half the chrome off and in turn tends to rust faster. So unless your chrome is in really bad shape and your are prepared to hand polish it once a month, we recommend not doing it.

Slippery pet peeves

So Billy, you forgot about the shiny side up thing and rolled your large car. Now insurance is going to give you the biggest cheque you have ever seen and your going to buy a horse trailer and pick up and go rodeoing cause we all know that’s where the big money is. Before you take delivery of your $50,000.00 pick up have the dealership take the weights off the outside of the wheels and put them on the inside where they won’t ruin your wheels.

Slippery Surfaces would like to take this opportunity to Thank:  Calgary Peterbilt, Western Star, Advance Trailers , Mullen Trucking, Watt & Stewart, Van Raay Farms & Southside Equipment , for all their support over the years. If you are interested in a franchise email us


Slippery Surfaces Would Like to Buy Your Used Aluminum Wheels!

We are looking for used wheels for our exchange program. If your wheels are in good condition except for the bead being worn out, we would be interested in buying them from you or having them rebuilt & re-polished for you.

Eventually we hope to have a set each of the different hole patterns and sizes for you to trade up to. Call us toll free @ 1-877-651-1797 ask for Dean.

we’ll polish the rest of your truck for you too. All of it. Serving Four Western Provinces, So Far.

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